Cheap MPV car insurance is becoming more important now as more and more of us are driving Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs).

One of the reasons for shopping around for cheap MPV insurance is that many of the mainstream insurance companies are starting to increase premiums for multi purpose vehicles for the simple reason that they carry more passengers than regular vehicles.
You may not realise that you and your insurer are liable for the safety of your passengers and should they be injured in an accident will be able to claim from your insurance even if you were not at fault. This situation would arise if the other driver was uninsured.
Cheap MPV car insurance can usually be found on one of the many car insurance sites that you see on the internet. Some companies specialise in multi purpose vehicles and you may be better contacting these by telephone.
One interesting statistic about MPV insurance is that unemployed drivers are being faced with much higher premiums than those who are in work. The reason for this is that unemployed drivers often use their MPV for the school run where they may well be carrying more children more often, possibly giving friends' and neighbours' children a lift as well.
As with all car insurance, you can reduce your premiums in a number of ways.
Try using a higher voluntary excess, always remembering that in addition to your voluntary excess you will have a compulsory excess and possibly even a young driver excess.
Park your car on your drive or even in a garage if possible.
Limit additional drivers or at least try quotes with and without them.
Enter your true annual mileage rather than guessing. Look at past MOT certificates to find this.
Cheap MPV insurance is out there and it is worth shopping around the price comparison sites and making a few phone calls.