modified carModified car insurance can be hard to find as the price comparison site do not really allow you to explain what your modifications are, why you have them and what your car is worth.

Here at Cheapin we aim to help you to find the best and cheapest modified car insurance which will suit your needs and budget.

Some performance enhancing modifications such as chipping and turbocharging need the help if a specialist modified car insurer that can usually only be gained over the phone.

Modified cars which have extensive cosmetic changes can be worth far more that the standard market price which insurers will generally pay out and you will be usually better to get what is called an 'agreed value'. This will probably involve you sending a number of photos of your modified car.

Modified car insurance is best left to the specialist insurers.

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Cosmetic modifications can include body kits, spoilers, paint jobs, alloy wheels, bucket seats, lowered suspension and de-seaming.

Performance modifications are those such as increased engine size, chipping, performance exhaust, upgraded brakes and suspension, turbo charging or supercharging and so on.

Modified car insurance tips and tricks to save you money

If you only use your modified car occasionally then you can get what is called a limited mileage policy from some insurers. This usually necessitates you having another car for normal use which is insured in your name.

Go for a larger voluntary excess. Modified cars can be expensive to repair, even for a relatively small accident so a larger voluntary excess can reduce your modified car insurance quote more than you might otherwise expect.

Consider taking an advanced drivers course or the pass plus as insurers sometimes appreciate a driver who has made an effort to make sure that they are driving their modified car safely.

If you are a member of a modified car club or forum then mentioning this can help to reduce your premium with some insurers.

Speak to the insurance company over the phone and declare all your mods. Most specialist modified car insurance specialists have a good idea what modifications are usually done to which cars and will give extra discounts for honesty. Yes, an honest driver is more likely to be a better insurance risk!


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