Cheap learner driver insurance comes in many guises and as it is easy to choose the wrong type of insurance when you are new to driving or a provisional driver it is worth doing your homework well in advance.

The first thing to ask yourself is 'Why do I want provisional insurance?'
The next one is 'When do you hope to pass your test?'
Then, 'When you pass your test, are you going to have your own car and need insurance for it to drive on your own.
Armed with the answers to the above questions you can begin your search for learner driver insurance or, as it is also commonly called, provisional insurance.
Unlike car insurance for those who have passed their test, learner driver insurance comes with many options, some with strings attached. The sections below aim to help you understand what these are.
Insuring yourself to drive another person's car
There are some companies who specialise in insuring learner drivers to drive a car which is already insured, commonly by another family member and more often than not, a parent our guardian. This type of insurance can be the best choice for a learner driver who simply wants to learn to drive and pass their test and has no immediate plans toy insure a car once they have passed their test.
A good example of this is a learner driver who wants to learn as soon as possible; perhaps before going to university but is not intending to buy a car for a year or more. Another example would be a person who wants to apply for jobs where a licence is needed and therefore has no need to insure there own vehicle if they do get the job.
This sort on insurance is commonly sold on a month by month basis, meaning that when you do pas your test, you can stop it straight away rather than continuing to pay until the end of the policy.
The important thing to remember is that this sort of insurance will stop a soon as you pass your test; in fact you won't even be covered to drive the car home from the test station!
Another point is that pay per month learner driver insurance does not earn you any no claims discount, NCD at all.
Allowing for and accepting these limitations, this sort of insurance can be the best choice for some people.
If you are unlucky and have an accident then it is your policy; the learner driver one, which will pay out rather than the policy of the car owner.
The car that you are insuring must have a valid insurance policy in the name of the driver who is accompanying you.
Learner only car insurance
Some companies will offer a relatively low annual premium for learner driver insurance only. This type of insurance is cancelled once you pass your test and you will then need to look elsewhere for a policy. This is quite cheap way to insure your car as a provisional driver if you are expecting to take at least a year to pass your test. It will also earn you your own No Claims Discount which will make a big difference when you are looking for your first full licence policy.
Flexible learner driver car insurance
One of the more recent additions to the learner driver car insurance market is the emergence of flexible provisional driver policies. These are learner driver insurance policies which can be converted into full licence holder policies once you pass your test. The big advantage of these is that whichever way you choose the flexibility, you will be earning No Claims Discount in your own name for the future.
Learner driver car insurance - A summary

If you are intending and hoping to pass your test within a few months then it could well be worth going for short term insurance on a parent's car, if they are prepared to let you drive it. They will, of course be sitting next to you and with most policies their no claims bonus will not be affected in the unfortunate event that the have an accident.

If you are looking at a long term learning curve and you have or are buying your own car then a learner driver insurance policy in your own name could well be the best opion. By doing this you are building up no claims bonus and driving history in your own name. Check first what the increase in premium will be if you do pass your test.


All types of insurance are going to be afffected by the recent rise in Insurance Premium Tax, a charge which cannot be avoided by the insurers.

Make sure that you confirm what will happen to your learner driver insurance policy if and when you pass your test.

It is a good idea to ask your learner drive instructor if he has heard of any of his clients who have managed to get good deals on their policies. They talk to many learner drivers every day, each of whom want to get out in their own car one day.