High performance hot hatch which needs cheap insurance

Hot hat insurance and high performance car insurance doesn't need to be expensive if you go about it in the right way.

Car insurance comparison sites are often the best way to get cheap car insurance but they are not the only way. Hot hatches and high performance cars are often not given the treatment they deserve online as the insurer can't easily judge how they are to be driven. It is the driver rather than the hot hatch itself that needs to be assessed for risk.
If you are looking for cheap hot hatch insurance then here are some of the risk factors that will be taken into consideration.
How long you have owned your hot hatch or high performance car can be a very important rating factor for some insurers. If you have been driving your car for a year or more then you are far more likely to be capable of handling the power than somebody who has just bought their high performance car. What the price comparison sites don't ask is whether you owned a similar high performance car before this one. So you could have been driving high performance cars for a long time but the online quote engine only can see when you bought the car that you are trying to get cheap car insurance for now. This could have been as recent as today of course! In these cases it can be far better to telephone insurance companies to get a better price. One simple trick is to try a second quote putting the length of ownership as 1 or 2 years but make sure that you do not buy as your insurance will almost certainly be void. Just do it to find a company that will offer a cheap insurance quote and then telephone them in the hope that they will take your previous experience into consideration.
Has you car been modified? It is important to declare all modifications when getting quotes, especially for hot hatches and high performance cars as many insurers now employ investigators who will go to the repair garage after an accident just to confirm that what you insured is what you were driving. As with ownership, you may be better telephoning the insurer to describe and justify your modifications.
Do you park your modified or high performance car on the road or in a car park? This can increase your premiums as thieves tend to target such vehicles.
Can you afford to go for a higher excess? For comprehensive insurance this can bring down the premium. Price comparison sites are a great way to test this out as you can easily change your voluntary excess an re-run your quote many times. Remember that along with your voluntary excess you will also have compulsory excess and possibly young driver excess. Drivers under 25 who are insuring hot hatches or high performance cars can often have excesses in excess of £1000 so make sure you read the small print and or ask questions over the phone.
To sum up, shop around the price comparison sites and phone likely companies up to see if they can offer better prices over the phone than online.
Cheap high performance insurance and cheap hot hatch insurance is out there but it takes a little more effort to find!