Cheap car insurance is one of the most searched phrases on Google when people are looking to take out new or renew their car insurance.

Is buying purely on price always the best thing to do?

Being properly covered with your car insurance is really important and if you can get the cover that you want and need at a competitive price then all the better.

There are many ways to shop around for car insurance and now that we have The Internet the job has go a whole lot easier.

Ways to get cheaper car insurance:

  • Shop around! You would be surprised how many people go for the first decent quote that they get for their car insurance. Don't be lazy, shop around until you have exhausted all the reasonable avenues.
  • Don't accept your renewal price. If you do nothing else then at least speak to your existing insurance company and ask them if they can improve on the renewal price that they are offering you.
  • Use the online price comparison sites such as Compare The Market, GoCompare, MoneySupermarket and Confused. Run your details through on at least two of these,all four if you can!