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Cheapin's 'Cheapy' is the little car insurance finder guy who will do his best to find you the best possible cheap car insurance quote. Cheap car insurance is getting easier to find now that the price comparison sites like Go Compare, Compare the Market, Confused, Money Supermarket and Quotezone offer the comparison of many different insurance companies in one place.

Are you looking everywhere for something? Cheapy will tell you where to go! Cheapy and this video belong to http://cheapin.co.uk/

Car insurance premiums have been rising fast recently and Cheapy's job is to get you a cheap insurance price, made just for you! You should get at least 3 quotes from companies that you see around this and other sites before making a decision.

Select which type of cheap car insurance you want from the choices below and let Cheapy tell you where to go!

You should see a banner for Quotezone below, they also quote for car insurance so you may like to give them a try.


Car Insurance MPV Insurance Small Car Insurance Van Insurance

Family Cars

Multi Purpose Vehicles Small Cars


Cheap car insurance for the family man, or woman! We can offer quotes that beat others.

Cheap MPV car insurance

Insurance for small cars. Cheepy is our cheap car insurance finder. Cheepin's cheap van insurance for small or large

Young Driver Insurance

Modified Car Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

Hot Hatch Insurance car for high performance

Young & Learner Drivers

Modified Car insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

Hot Hatches & High Performance car Insurance

We'll find the best young driver insurance and learner driver insurance quote for you - male or female - provisional or full licence.

Spray it - Mod it - Chip it, we'll find somebody to insure your modified car!

It happens to the best of us - we'll find the best convicted driver car insurance quote for you

Hot hatches don't need to be expensive to insure - we have the power to get you saving

Imported Car Insurance

Bike Insurance

Kit Car Insurance

Specialist Vehicle Insurance

Imported Cars


Kit Cars

Specialist Vehicles

You get it here - We'll get it insured here - Imported cars get special insurance treatment Insurance for Bikes - Scooters - Quads, with or without mods

You made it - we'll get it insured - Kit Car insurance is one of our specialities

Fire Engines - Tanks - Amphibious vehicles or Whatever - If it moves we'll find an insurer!


Finding a cheap car insurance quote can be a bit of a problem. There are insurance quote sites all over the internet and they all promise to find you the best car insurance quote. Here at Cheapin we are intending to do things quite differently. We want to find the best insurance company for the type of driver and vehicle that you drive. To get Hot Hatch insurance, for example, you will most likely have to go to a very different insurance company than one who would give the cheapest insurance quote for a provisional driver. We ask our visitors to first select the type of car insurance that best fits their needs by clicking on a simple image. Doing this lets us narrow down the car insurance market and point the client in the right direction to find a cheap insurer to suit their requirements. We currently specialise in finding cheap car insurance quotes for:

If your car insurance is due for renewal then it is worth spending some time on the internet looking for alternative quotes. Many companies will give you a cheaper car insurance quote if you are a first time buyer than if you are renewing. One useful trick is to get your best quote and then phone your existing company to see if they are prepared to match the best price that you have seen online. In many cases they will!

Our learner driver insurance page is worth a look as provisional driver insurance can be far more difficult to get right.

Cheap insurance news

Some of the cheapest insurance postcodes are IM (Isle of Man), KW (Kirkwall), TR (Truro), AB (Aberdeen) and DT (Dorchester) and some or the most expensive are OL (Oldham), UB (Southall), M (Manchester), IG (Ilford) and London. If it is cheaper to move house than to pay your insurance premium then this could be a money saving idea!

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Cheapy and his car insurance adventures

More will be coming soon from our little insurance finder friend Cheapy. Look out for videos and cartoons!

If you are interested in cheap insurance or line drawn animations then please let me know at mike?buzz50.com :)

Cheapy's second YouTube video is out and you can watch it here. It has been made especially for Easter and we hope that it makes YOU smile.